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Creating A Whole Grain Pizza That Is Wholly Satisfying

A whole grain pizza crust that actually tastes good? It’s no longer merely an elusive dream of brands and formulators. Until recently, trying to make pizza dough with whole grains yielded a bland, dense crust that was too tough for consumers to enjoy, much less consider purchasing again. Lately, though, EverGrain is leading the way...
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News Roundup: January 2021

The new year kicked off on an exciting note for the EverGrain team, as we shared our official launch announcement on Jan. 7. Since then, we’ve continued spreading the word about barley and circularity, and how together they can shape the food and beverage industry of tomorrow. We’ve compiled a list of some of the...

EverGrain Introduces Sustainable and Innovative, Plant-Based Barley Ingredients

Backed by Anheuser-Busch InBev, EverGrain transforms barley into high-quality, sustainable ingredients to create nutritious food and beverages Today marks the launch of EverGrain, a sustainable ingredient company that is revolutionizing the use of barley to deliver highly nutritious, great tasting protein and fiber barley-based ingredients to the world. With a tenacious commitment to sustainability through...

Protein meets breakfast beverages for all-day satisfaction

Protein has always been a hallmark of breakfast, traditionally in the form of meats and dairy. But more and more often, fortified drinks are fulfilling consumer demand for more convenient, on-the-go protein options. Click here to read an article from our Chief Sales Officer Rodger Jonas in Food & Beverage Insider’s new digital magazine to learn how protein,...

Consumer desire for better health drives nutritional ingredient use in snacks and baked goods

We believe that supporting the health of our planet means that we must be meticulous in utilizing resources, ensuring that we use everything to its fullest potential. That’s why our barley ingredients deliver sustainability through circularity, which cuts carbon emissions, food waste, and reduces land and water use. “Barley ingredients represent attractive plant-based protein and fibers for...

Snack and bakery innovations with healthy grains

We think that grains are pretty tasty overall, and they become even more appetizing once you realize their better-for-you properties. As one of Earth’s first domesticated grains, barley is part of an exclusive class of ancient grains that has avoided any interference in breeding for centuries. Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery recently featured our portfolio of barley-based ingredients...

Barley still an untapped ancient grain

Barley is emerging as a sustainable, nutritious, and functional ingredient option for healthy snacks, breakfast products, baby food, plant-based milks, and much more. At EverGrain, we’ve embarked on a mission: to create incredible ingredients that nourish the world through the transformative power of circularity. Our barley ingredients and Chief Product Owner for Protein Charlie were featured in Food &...

FDA Expands Its List of Acceptable Fibers

Our diets require fiber; in fact, according to Innova, almost half of US consumers and a third of UK consumers are increasing their consumption of dietary fiber. As we learn more and more about improving the health of our gut microbiota, we are seeing the importance of diversity in fiber sources. Our EverVita barley fiber ingredients...
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