Rooted in purpose and focused on impact.

Our sustainability story begins by honoring each resource we employ to make our nutritious barley ingredients, continues with the people and systems we influence through our products, and remains ever constant in every one of our business decisions.

The Best Protein for the Planet

Upcycled BSG is one of the most sustainable proteins on the planet. It uses less water to grow, prevents food waste, and doesn’t require transportation to our facility. This means lower GHG emissions, a reduced carbon footprint, and less impact on the environment.

Where We Land

To truly understand the role of EverGrain in the world, we partnered with NGOs, universities, and sustainability experts to conduct a materiality assessment and detailed analysis of our social and environmental impact. That work led us to develop our sustainability strategy: committing to realize the potential in every grain, in every resource, and in every person.

Sustainability • Upcycling •

Grown and Made in the USA.

Our farmers grow our barley locally, cutting the need for pervasive shipping routes and allowing you to add local sourcing claims to your product. EverPro is produced in an FDA registered facility and expects GFSI certification in 2023.