Ready-to-Mix is Ready to Level Up with EverPro

Oct 13, 2021 | News

The ready-to-mix (RTM) market is rapidly growing, and EverGrain is poised to help its partners to win by creating better plant-based options. With an increase in new products and brands filling up shelves, what can a brand do to stand out?

As consumers seek a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, brands can give consumers what they actually want.

Consumers want higher protein content and quality

A recent consumer survey from EverGrain tells the story for U.S. consumers of nutrition beverages: high protein count is a major motivator (consumers overwhelmingly pick the one with the higher count). It’s not just about high counts, either, but the quality of protein used.

With an 85 percent protein content and unique amino acid profile that forms complete protein alongside pea or fava, EverPro barley protein provides 20-gram+ protein counts that other plants alone just can’t match without sacrificing taste.

Consumers require great taste

The psychology of “perceived sacrifice” says that in order to get a product or service you want, you must give up something. And what’s perceived as the first thing to go in order to make room for a high plant-based protein count? Taste.

EverGrain is out to change that perception, starting with EverPro barley protein. With a clean taste and high solubility, our barley protein enables RTM products with higher protein and better taste that even outcompete animal-based proteins. 64% of consumers ranked an EverPro-based protein shake as best tasting in a blind taste test against two mainstream products (one whey-based and another plant-based). As EverPro delivers the awesome clean taste of barley, the word will get out that plant protein RTMs can and should have great taste – and that number will only grow.

Consumers ask for sustainability

Sustainability isn’t a trend. It’s a necessary business model that companies in every industry will have to accept if they want to survive. Just ask the 90% of consumers who believe that brands have a responsibility to take care of the planet and its people. And in the RTM protein powder market, there might not be anyone who knows that better than Garden of Life.

We recently partnered up with the sustainability focused brand to bring consumers the strongest claim a company can offer: ‘The most sustainable proteins on earth from EverPro barley protein.’

These Mediterranean Diet-approved RTM powders already feature important terms like “carbon neutral,” and “Informed Choice,” using official iconography as proof of credibility. And partnering with EverPro takes the message home, helping the brand to further cement their authenticity and trustworthiness – something consumers are starved for.

There is immense bottom-line value in sourcing truly sustainable ingredients, and the 83 percent of consumers who say they would always pick a brand with a better record of sustainability would most likely agree. With EverPro, Garden of Life gets the high protein count and taste they want while maintaining their brand’s focus on sustainability. And as they well know, what better way to stand out than to offer a standout product?

Partnerships like these, with brands around the world both large and small, are bringing about tastier, healthier, earth-friendlier products in the RTM category and beyond.

Want to know how EverPro barley protein can help your RTM powder stand up? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us to find out more about why barley is the best plant protein to fortify your brand.