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Barley Protein

EverPro solves some of the biggest problems in plant-based beverages today, delivering superior taste, nutrition, and sustainability.

Consumers prefer nutrition beverages made with EverPro up to 10-to-1x more than those made with pea, rice or soy.

Upcycled Certified barley is the world’s most sustainable, ‘climate resilient’ protein.

Science continues to reveal the full nutrition potential of barley. Fast absorption for muscle recovery is emerging as an important benefit barley protein can provide.

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EverPro is our Upcycled Certified™, Non-GMO Verified Barley-Rice Protein Isolate.

This nutritious and functional ingredient can be used in a range of applications, from plant-based milks to coffees to smoothies and beyond, to increase protein content. It is highly soluble with a clean taste, making it very versatile across application categories.


The EverPro Barley Rice Protein Ingredient has unique benefits that outperform other protein products: