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Energetic and disruptive, passionate and excited, the EverGrain team is tenaciously dedicated to our craft and always brewing new ideas. Our team’s experience spans all areas of the food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries, with expertise in formulation, functionality, sustainability, and beyond. Explore this page to learn more about the people working day in and day out to realize the full potential of barley and how it can shape the future of the food supply and our planet’s health.

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Clara Bardoulat

Global Manager, EverGrain R&D

Manjunath BS

Accounts Payable Lead, EverGrain

Adriana Camargo

Global Director, EverGrain Applications

Giacomo Cattaneo

Global Director, EverVita

Maisie Devine

Key Contributor, 100+ Accelerator

Sofie Frederix

Global Director, EverPro R&D

Elise Goldberg

Global Director, EverPro

Rob Haas

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Pavel Hejsek

EverPro Product Owner

Aditi Jain

Global Manager, EverGrain

Kalyan Koniki

Global Manager, EverGrain Finance

Ritesh Kumar

Global Manager, EverGrain

Christopher Lupo

Global Director, EverPro Operations

Jean-François Mathy

Global Director, EverVita Operations

Madeleine McDougall

Global Director, EverPlus

Thomas Monin

Global Manager, EverVita

Steffen Muench

Global Senior Director, EverGrain R&D

Patrick O'Riordan

Key Contributor

Monica Perez

Global Manager, EverGrain R&D

Nick Puckett

Global Director, EverGrain Legal

Andrew Righter

Global Manager, EverPro

Eddie Rosen

Global Director, EverGrain Finance

Aylin Sahin

Key Contributor, University College Cork

Rosa Sanchez

Global Director, EverGrain Applications

Tom Schiers

Global Manager, EverGrain R&D

Jay Shah

Global Director, EverGrain Operations

Ties Soeters

Chief Product Owner

GiRim Sung

Chief People Officer

Joseph Trueman

Global Director, Customer Service & Sales

Daniel Valdeperez

Global Manager, EverVita R&D

Claire Van der Aa

Global Manager, EverPlus R&D

Tim Wallisch

Global Manager, EverGrain

Katleen Willemsen

Global Manager, EverPlus R&D

Ben Yoskovitz

Key Contributor, Highline Beta

Lauren Zingrich

Global Director, Cash Flow and CapEx

Elke Arendt

Key Contributor, University College Cork

Greg Belt

Chief Executive Officer