our sustainability story

When we think about sustainability, we think about impact.

It is about honoring each resource we employ to make our nutritious barley ingredients and honoring each person and system we influence when those products go out into our communities. It doesn’t matter if we are “purpose-founded” if we don’t stay true to that purpose in the decisions that we make every day while running our business.

Our Vision & Our World

To truly understand the role of EverGrain in the world, we partnered with NGOs, universities, and sustainability experts to conduct a materiality assessment and detailed analysis of our impact (social and environmental). That assessment informed the three pillars of our sustainability strategy: realizing the potential in every grain, the potential in every resource, and the potential in every person.

To realize the potential in every grain of barley, we will create high quality, nutritious ingredients that promote health and wellbeing. Transparency will be the cornerstone of our product philosophy, and we will share life cycle analyses, sourcing information, and nutritional data.

To realize the potential in every resource, we will exceed best practices for water stewardship, sustainable agriculture, ghg emissions, and circular processes. We have enrolled NGOs and universities to look at the baseline resource consumption and sustainability of our processes and will bring our spirit of innovation to continuous improvement.

To realize the potential in every person, we will bring a growth mindset to our strategy for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our metrics for talent recruitment and retention will look to bring out the best in each team member. Our concern for the human rights, dignity, and success of others will extend to our partners, suppliers, customers, consumers, and all individuals in our community.

Transparency & Our Processes

As we articulate goals for our organization and the metrics by which we will judge our progress, we will continue to collaborate with third parties such as academic institutions, governments, and non-profits to hold ourselves accountable. We will announce our sustainability goals in 2021 with the opening of our major US and European facilities.


of consumers would pick a brand that has a better record of sustainability. Source


of U.S. households say high protein is now an important attribute to consider when buying food for their households. Source

We have an incredible opportunity to change the world for the better, and we aren’t going to waste it.

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