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Our barley is transformed into world-class ingredients to suit your needs.


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Our range of protein-rich barley isolates, putting your products at the forefront of satiety and strength trends.

EverPro products
  • EverPro BR
  • EverPro BC
Perfect for
  • Shakes & Smoothies
  • Plant-based Milks
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Snacks & Spreads
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Our range of minimally processed barley ingredients, unique in boosting your products with the gut health benefits of fiber and the everyday nutrition of proteins.

EverVita products
  • EverVita Prima
  • EverVita Fibra
Perfect for
  • Bread
  • Cakes & Muffins
  • Cookies & Biscuits
  • Pizza Crusts
  • Pastas & Noodles
  • Bars & Snacks
About EverVita